House However

Delighted that my new book is available to order from Vagabond Voices .thumbnail_IMG_1166

As if through a prism, this sequence of sixty-two poems examines and questions the elusive from all angles and, by trying to make sense of chaos, they discover patches of light that guide both poet and reader towards a resolution: that we must live any way we can.

House However has been reworked and reduced entirely to the suggestive. Suggestive of what? Of human solitude, of alienation, of wonderment, of what each individual reader can make of it – the defamiliarisation of our most intimate personal and domestic items and surroundings. It acts as a reminder that, while looking after others, we must tend to our own body and spirit in order to survive.

“In these poems – portraits of objects and emotions – Kathrine Sowerby animates a world we ignore, she reinvents a world with a compelling internal logic. With her repetitions, revisitings, recurrences and restatings of that logic, her unique, fresh and dislocating world is made solid. With her astonishingly beautiful rhythms, of each individual poem and of the book as a symphony, Sowerby demonstrates that not only is she inheritor of Gertrude Stein’s musicality, but she moves deep into the twenty-first century: speculative, precise, intelligent and utterly attentive.” – Gerry Loose

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